LAZZATI S.p.A. High performance Borin Mill Passione per la Meccanica


When you say passion for mechanics #lazzati lovers!!! The care and attention to detail, the art of hand scraping: the tradition that allows innovation! Only solid basis can allow a future that is always at the highest levels of techique and machine tool technology!

LAZZATI S.p.A. High Performance Boring Mills


LAZZATI@work New Video LAZZATI@work Years of Research and Development together with Passion For a continuous precision inaltered during the passing of times When also the power is everything! Ergonomy – Easy to Use! Industry 4.0 Ready! Even More Performant!!! LAZZATI S.p.A. High Performance Boring Mills

New LAZZATI High Performance Boring Mills Video on YouTube Channel

LAZZATI manufactures MACHINE TOOLS with high technological content capable of having a wide range of applications in the fields of general and precision mechanics, automotive, aerospace, energy and earth moving.  The LAZZATI CNC HYDROSTATIC BORING and MILLING MACHINES are suitable for all machining operations for chip removal of innovative INDUSTRY 4.0 investments. LAZZATI products, thanks…