LAZZATI DCS Compensazione Dinamica Caduta Slittone

DCS Dynamic Compensation System

Dynamic compensation system which lets the head to be always perpendicoular to the column slide-ways--> 0,015mm in 1.600mm

LAZZATI Sistema a guide idrostatiche

LHS LAZZATI Hydrostatic System

Hydrostatic lubrification system projected and implemented by LAZZATI for its boring and milling machines

TCS Thermal Control System

Control and thermo stabilization, in process, of the machine's temperature, by means of a coolant at controlled temperature.

DAS Dynamic Axis Setting

Dynamic setting system of axes' rotation ofLAZZATI boring and milling machines

DPS Double Pinion System

Double pignon cynematic system, with automatic back lash recovery on B axis projected and implemented by LAZZATI for its boring and milling machines

LAZZATI Cuscinetti Idrostatici Mandrino di Alesatura

LHB LAZZATI Hydrostatic spindle bearings

The new hydrostatic spindle bearings projected and developed by LAZZATI

The Customer

The Philosophy LAZZATI purses along its long tradition sees the customer at the center of its world.

The strong propensity to meet the needs of its customer has always characterized the company that since 1939 started to design and manufacture boring and milling machines.

LAZZATI stands for Quality, Reliability and Technology, all inspired by the new Blue Philosophy, through the efficient Service of the customer.
A service that is carried out with the utmost punctuality and efficiency through the service of our technicians.

Blue Philosophy
Green and Blue Action

LAZZATI, as a leader designer and manufacturer of machine tools, produces environmentally friendly boring and milling machines, allowing users to use resources efficiently, minimizing the use of energy, raw materials and resources. For this reason, LAZZATI, as concessionaire of the UCIMU brand, a distinctive sign of the most qualified Italian production of machine tools, has invested much time and effort to achieve machine tools capable of ensuring environmental sustainability of the production cycle to which they are an integral part. This commitment represents conclusive evidence of a true philosophy, the “Green and Blue action” which makes LAZZATI a real testimony. The attention given to environmental issues and circular economy, in LAZZATI is linked to commercial reliability, financial strength, maximum attention to safety and function testing and continuing care and respect for the Customer and for sustainability.


The Quality of LAZZATI’s product and service guarantees always advanced technological solutions. Leveraging the tradition of deep attention to Quality and continuos development, LAZZATI boring and milling machines has achieved:

  • High Precision Machine Tools
  • Machine Tools of absolute reliability
  • Quick Resolution of problems
  • Effective and Efficient Support Service
  • Continuos R&D
  • Highly Developed Technology
LAZZATI guarantees its customers that the Quality of the machine tool is not only pursued since its birth, but also throughout the life of the final product. That is the reason why all strategic processes’ production takes place exclusively within the company, following the entire and complete design of machines and components. Also the majority of the mechanical parts are processed in LAZZATI’s premises.

With regard to assembly and testing of mechanical and electrical parts, these are carried out internally by the company.

The Reliability of LAZZATI’s products is guaranteed by care and high precision with which machine tools are designed and manufactured. Individual components are carefully chosen to ensure the client with the highest quality in every detail of boring and milling machines. LAZZATI’s boring and milling machines are designed pursuing simple and effective solutions that can maintain high performance over the time.


According to LAZZATI, boring and milling Reliability’s means Warranty of:
  • Highest Quality and Technology on the market
  • Availability of Leading components
  • Spare Parts and Service in a Short Time
  • Simple Constructions
  • Provision of Modular Design


The innovative LRD – LAZZATI Remote Diagnosys offers our high specialized service engineers an instant access to LAZZATI boring and milling machines anywhere in the world, in order to diagnose the cause of any possible problem. With particular regard to the state-of-the-art of machine tools, experience has taught us that more than 90% of all machine problems are caused by the failure of simple parts, such as limit switches, pressure switches, valves, and the like. Thanks to LRD – LAZZATI Remote Diagnosys, such failures and others are now eliminated quickly and inexpensively. As LRD – LAZZATI Remote Diagnosys permits direct access to the machine’s control system and the functional sequences, the maker’s service engineer no longer has to be in the machine user’s factory in order to locate the cause of the problem. Your Advantages will be essentials!
  • Quick trouble shooting
  • Rapid fault diagnosys
  • Minimum service costs
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Reduction production loss


Safety is a key feature to determine the quality of a boring and milling machine. For this reason, our engineers have recommended the use of parts supplied by LAZZATI. In this regard, LAZZATI ensure continuous availability of parts, as an essential element not only to minimize the timing of the downtime during repair operations, but simply to carry out preventive maintenance. These operations are essential to allow boring and milling machine to reach and maintain the highest functionality and its complete performances, by means of a perfect synergy of all components.