Boring – Milling
Hydrostatic Moving Column Machines
Ø Spindle Diameter 130 ÷ 200 mm.
Max Motor Power 75 ÷ 100 kW
Spindle Travel – W 800 ÷ 1.100 mm.
Longitudinal Travel RAM – Z 1.000 ÷ 2.000 mm.
Vertical Head Travel – Y 2.000 ÷ 7.000 mm.
Horizontal Column Travel – X 4.000 ÷ 40.000 mm.
Hydrostatic Boring Milling Machines
“T” Moving Column and Rotary Travelling Table
Ø Boring Spindle 130 ÷ 180 mm.
Spindle Travel – W 800 ÷ 1.300 mm
Long. RAM Travel – Z 700 ÷ 1.600 mm.
Vertical Head Travel – Y 2.000 ÷ 4.000 mm.
Table Cross Travel – X 2.000 ÷ 7.000 mm.
Max. Admitted Table Load – B 15 ÷ 60 Ton.
LAZZATI supplies a complete range
of accessories for customization
of its boring and milling machines
Heads Automatic/Manual
Tables Rotary Travelling/Rotary
Stores On Board /On Groud / Pick up Station
Options LTS/H0

Founded in 1939, LAZZATIhas established itself worldwide for the tradition and technological excellence of its products. For over 80 years it has been developing and manufacturing boring machines, milling machines and hydrostatic milling machines with moving column and T and today it is a world leader in the production of large machine tools. LAZZATI, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy horizontal boring and milling machines, was established in 1939. Thanks to its long tradition of research and development, LAZZATIbrand is globally recognized for high technology and top level machine tool quality.

The aim of LAZZATI company is to create a reliable and high performance product, which can be easily used for multiple applications such as general machining, automotive, aerospace, energy and earthmoving sectors.