Video of LAZZATI boring and milling machines during machining and precision and accuracy tests.

Product quality and continuos improvement are the strengths of LAZZATI. Our boring and milling machines are able to work the five faces of a piece automatically with numerical control command.
Extremely high machining flexibility, combined with exemplary constructive simplicity, make LAZZATI products one of the greatest expressions in the latest mechanical design of machine tools.
The simplicity of construction has allowed, together with the continuous search for perfection, to obtain a highly reliable and technologically advanced product.
The construction criterion adopted, as well as the numerous accessories provided for the production of boring and milling machines, allow different degrees of automation, as well as easy integration of the machines into different production lines.
Thanks to these possibilities, low processing times are obtained, with evident economic savings and rationalization of the production structure.
The LAZZATI company exports its boring and milling machines both in industrialized countries and in those undergoing industrialization and, with the availability of its collaborators, is always able to respond, with capacity and precision, to the needs of its customers.
LAZZATI, in the management of profiles relating to safety and health, aims at the maximum responsibility of each relevant subject, as far as it is within its competence.

LAZZATI, a long tradition dedicated to our customers.