Linea Floor-Type Ram-Milling Evo 4.0

High Speed , Rigid and Powerful Traveling Column Milling Machine
thanks to hydrostatic LAZZATI

LAZZATI is pleased to present the new HB 2M Evo 4.0 large horizontal milling-boring machine with mobile column, an excellent result of the R&D of the Floor-Type Ram-Milling line.

Thanks to the LAZZATI LHS hydrostatic system on all axes, the HB 2M Evo 4.0 combines the rigidity of flat guide machines with the absolute precision and extremely high dynamics of the most recently designed machines.

Thanks to the LAZZATI DCS Hydro-Mechanical and Dynamic Compensation system of the ram fall, the HB 2M Evo 4.0 guarantees absolute constancy of precision in 0.015mm over the entire ram system.

Thanks to the LAZZATI DPS-X double pinion system with automatic backlash recovery and the LAZZATI LAS system for active stabilization of the machine axes, the HB 2M Evo 4.0 obtains stiffness values ​​of the axes that were unthinkable until now, guaranteeing a substantial increase in tool life and a ‘outstanding surface finish.

The main technical characteristics of the HB 2M EVO 4.0 are:

ISO 50 Big Plus Automatic Universal Head
Max. Max. Spindle Speed 6.000RPM
Max. Power 70kW
Maximum torque 1.200Nm or 3.250Nm with Power option
X Axis Travel (Mobile Column)=4.000 ÷ 40.000mm
Y Axis Travel (Head)=2.000 ÷ 4.000mm
Z Axis Travel (RAM)=1.600mm
Hydrostatic Rotary Tables with maximum load 15 or 40Ton
Internal/External 35Bar High Pressure Coolant System managed by CNC
The machine is equipped with all the most modern INDUSTRY 4.0 systems.
Complete range of options and accessories for total customization of the machine.
Equipped as standard with Heidenhain CNC. • On request CNC Siemens, Fanuc and Fagor

HB 2M Evo 4.0, an INNOVATIVE and COMPLETE product able to adapt to any process for chip removal.

All LAZZATI machines of the new generation are equipped with the brand new LHI 4.0 simplified interface system. Through a large 18.5″ touch-screen interfaced with the main CNC of the machine, the operator has a very powerful new generation man-machine interface tool at his disposal. It is also possible to directly view the manual of the machine in digital format.