LAZZATI Floor-Type Ram-Milling HB 5RR Project Advantages

LAZZATI Floor-Type Ram Milling HB 5RR machines are designed to give the best performances and approach to the working area using the maximum potentiality that the Floor-Type morphology can give.

Modern Project:

  • High Rigidity of the structures
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • 3DROT: this is the management of the Milling Head in the Space. The CNC is capable to manage all the rotation or inclination of the axes in the whole 3D space only giving the starting inclination of the milling head. All operation can be done just like in normal condition while the machine is working in the space. This is one of newest improvement of the CNC machine of the last years because it has permitted to make kind of jobs that were impossible before.
  • Tool Management: the CNC advanced solutions gives the possibility to have a really advanced and modern management of the tools available on the machine. It helps to manage the load and unload on the tool changer and to decide the best working load on every tool in order to have the most efficient and precise usage. This gives high savings on tooling expenses.

Environmental Protection:

  • Energy Saving: The Siemens motor and drives used for the electrical plant lets to have up to a 25% of energy saving due to the special project of this parts. All the energy not used and not needed, is re put into the energy plant. So that only what is needed it’s the real consumption while with other system all the power given by the line is used and what’s not needed it’s thrown away.
  • Oil Saving and Protection: thanks to the hydrostatic system only a short and defined quantity of  Lubrification oil is used and also this is all recovered and re used. In fact, the system is a completely closed with no leakage. The normal Lubrification  system is with the concept of “minimal Lubrification”, so that it is used only a really short quantity and the coverings of the machine is studied to recover quite all of this oil also.
  • Coolant Saving and Protection: The machine’s foundation, layout and coverings is completely studied for the recovering of the quite all coolant used during machining. All coolant is taken by the chip conveyor and by a tank in the foundation and it’s all filtered and cleaned and brought into the main coolant tank.
  • Space Saving: the “Floor-Type” design lets to save a great space in the plant.
  • Low Noise Level: all the components used for the machine are tested and projected to stay under the noise level of 80db.

High Precision Machine:

  • LHS – All Hydrostatic Guideways
  • TCS – Constant Control of the Temperature
  • DCS – Dynamic Compensation System of the Mobile Headstock falling –> 0,015 on 2.000mm
  • Guaranteed High Precision on Machine Positioning and Geometry

Max. Universality:

  • LTS – Lazzati Twin System —> NO STOP WORKING
  • Possibility of custom configuration
  • Ample choice of Accessories and Personalization
  • Maximum Flexibility and Convenience in the positioning of whatever pieces

Built in Heads:

All the heads and spindles which are mounted on the HB 5RR are completely built inside the ram body. This prestigious solution gives the best rigidity, precision and approach to the working area.

  • Higher Rigidity
  • Higher Precision
  • Less Extension in the working area.

O M – Modular Ram System:

The HB 5RR can be equipped with the new O M – Modular Ram System with extend and improve the machine’s capabilities and working possibilities. No more limits for the customer’s personalization and customization.

O M – Advantages:

  • High flexibility of the machine.
  • Easy maintenance
  • No machine stops for a fault of an head.
  • Possibility to have different heads on
  • High Rigidity and Precision for the Built-In design

O M – Customer’s Benefits:

  • Quick trouble-shooting
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Possibility to extend the machine during the years
  • To have always the best option to work
Max. Vertical Area mm. 6.500
Spindle Automatic Universal Head
Automatic Head Changer Option YES
A Axis pos. 360 (360.000)
C Axis pos. 360 (360.000)
Taper ISO 50 – Big Plus
Max. Speed Rotation RPM 5.000
Motor Max Power kW 75
RAM Section mm. 515 x 480
Spindle – W mm. Optional
Longitudinal Ram – Z mm. 2.000
Vertical Head – Y mm. 3.000 ÷ 6.000
Longitudinal Column – X mm. 6.000+N°x1.000
Workings mm/1′ 10.000
Rapids mm/1′ 25.000
Approx. Minimum Net Weight Ton. 50