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H0 Semiautomatic system of Table Change

This new system allows the replacement of the table carrying the pieces in semiautomatic way and in very short times, practically eliminating the set-up times. The flexibility of use and the potentialities of application of this new system are enormous and such to practically make it essential on a modern machine tool where the main costs are in the dead times of set-up. The system is composed by a main table with four hydraulic clampings, by precise systems of centring and eventually by two or more over-tables that, once clamped, become the new bench of job.

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LTS – LAZZATI Twin System

The new LTS System is a great innovation made by LAZZATI and available on every machines of the Linea Floor-Type. It consists in a series of solution completely studied for an high efficiency and reliability way of using the machine. The machine is transformed into a big machine center for high output production. All the accessories, the CNC and the layout is configured for a “no stop working”. Theoretically the machine can work also without the operator check; only the load-unload procedure has to be done by an employee, but always without stopping the production.