Hydrostatic Boring-Milling Machines
with Moving Column
Ø Live Boring Spindle

130 ÷ 260 mm.

Max. Power Spindle Motor 60 ÷ 125 kW
Live Boring Spindle Travel – W 800 ÷ 1.200 mm.
RAM Travel – Z 700 ÷ 2.000 mm.
Haedsock Vertical Head – Y 2.000 ÷ 7.000 mm.
Table Cross Travel – X 4.000 + n°x1.000 mm
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Boring-Milling Machines
with Table Type Moving Column and Rotary Table
Ø Live Spindle Boring

110 ÷ 180 mm.

Live Boring Spindle Travel – W 700 ÷ 1.300 mm
Longitudinal RAM Travel – V 700 ÷ 1.600 mm.
Headstock Vertical Head – Y 2.000 ÷ 4.000 mm.
Table Cross Table – X 2.000 ÷ 6.500 mm.
Max Admitted Table Load – B 6 ÷ 80 Ton.
LAZZATI supplies a complete set of accessories in order to customize its boring mill machines


Tables Rotary Travelling Table/Rotary Table
Stores On Board/On Ground/Pick up Station
Options LTS/H0

Established in 1939, LAZZATI manufactures hydrostatic T-Type and Floor-Type boring milling machines. Today is a world leader in the production of large machine tools, horizontal heavy mobile boring milling machines. Over 80% of production is exported mainly to China, India, Russia, Brazil, Germany and the US where LAZZATI operates with historical sales partnerships and technical assistance.

The wide range of boring, milling and milling borer machines, heavy hydrostatic Floor-Type and T-Type mobile column machine tools, equipped with a wide range of accessories such as milling heads and facing heads, rotating and roto-translating tables, tool changers and automatic transmissions heads, is able to meet the needs of many types of work of our customers.