Corporate Social Responsibility

LAZZATI is committed to act in a correct and transparent way, by means of loyal and correct behaviour and with an absolute sense of responsibility.
With this regards, LAZZATI grows and develops the willingness to define in a specific document, namely the “Code of Ethics” (the “Code”), a general system of shared principles and values, in order to communicate them both inside and outside the Firm, confirming LAZZATI’s image of fairness, prestige and good reputation, which have always characterized the Firm, since the origin.


The importance that LAZZATI attributes to a correct, loyal and transparent behaviour, it is also demonstrated by the adoption and the effective implementation of a Compliance Model, as prescribed by the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, as amended.
The Decree introduces companies’ direct liability for certain crimes committed in the company’s interest and benefit, by individuals operating in or for the company (e.g. directors, officers, employees, agents). Such liability i) derives from relevant crimes; ii) it is ascertained through criminal proceedings; iii) implies the application of specific sanctions.
In order to have further information related to the Compliance Model adopted and implemented by LAZZATI, please send an email to the following email address: